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Here at clockTree™, we not only get insights from data, our platform generates a action-plan for you based on your past tests. Get instantaneous feedback on your progress and ways to improve on your performance. All in a package which is extremely optimized to minimize your time required. You focus on your tests, we do the rest! Offering packages from NEET, JEE to CBSE-foundation

Speedy smart-coach

Every course is enhanced by instant feedback based on your strengths and weaknesses. You are always presented with content to bridge your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths

Courses designed with maximal efficieny

Our courses are designed to maximise the efficiency for the time and effort you put in! Do more with less, we take care of the mundane tasks like keeping track of your performance and present you with the best reports.

Evolve and adapt

The course is designed to take you through the content based on your individual performance. Everyone's different, do whats best for you!


For the budding doctors

Clean, concise course design. High emphasis on biology and zoology. Tons of practice work.

  • Use flip-cards to memorize and recollect concepts faster.
  • Get used to the real deal with mock tests and negative marking.
  • High quality images to understand the concepts better.
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The prep* series

We make the future better, today


For the inquisitive engineers

Build through both JEE-mains and the JEE through our courses. Practise makes perfect. Churn through our collection of worksheets to get better and faster!

  • Quick glance formula-sheets/notes for instant recollection.
  • Tonnes of mock-tests to acclimitize you to the real deal.
  • Take the course at your own order. You know what you need.
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